About Me

In June 2011 I made a decision to break up with the man I thought was The One, after over three years together.
But rest assured my blog is not about regret, lost love, hating men or being sad. It’s about what happened next….
After the initial shock and realisation that everything had changed, I spent a while doing what I (and only I) wanted to do, and started reconnecting with who I was. I began by dedicating a week to eating the foods my ex didn’t like (and therefore I rarely got to enjoy)! Bit by bit, a flame ignited, my spirit returned and I felt alive for the first time in a long time. I realised I was an ambitious, generous, creative, confident person. Gracie Lou 2.0 was born.
Since then, I have successfully completed a tough work project, got promoted, went on an awesome holiday, completed a six week detox, overcame my allergy to alcohol (and in 6 months made up for 10 years without), ditched the 2 year old back pain, fell in love with the gym, found a level of energy I never had before, moved house, learnt how to ride a motorbike, got a new job, and last but not least embraced single life!
So these are the diaries of Gracie Lou 2.0!